My Uncle Wants To Join

My uncle saw one of my earlier posts of a male photo set I had done a weeks earlier, so he wanted the same treatment to post in his Facebook page.

He needed a better profile pic anyway.

After a few instructions and some test shots, he got in the groove and we got the work done. Mission accomplished.

Speedlight on Camera session w/ Homeboy Jaime

Working with one flash speedlight on camera, I tried to see in how many positions I could work it for new results.  In this quick session with the homeboy Jaime, I was able to do it in  3 styles.

Shot this one with the speedlight half power with the head facing straight forward.

This one, I had the speedlight bounce from the white ceiling.

And finally, the head was facing straight to the right bouncing off the wall at full power.

Finished them off with some Photoshop curve presets and Lightroom tweeks in post production.